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Rising prices, low quality vegetables, excess usage of poisoned chemical pesticides etc. are the major concerns of today's life. We are all aware of vegetables or ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook food products of various brands available in the market produced with harmful chemical agents sweet named as preservatives. Usage of formalin (Used to preserve dead bodies of human and animals in laboratories for long time without decaying) in fishes for keeping as fresh for long even months, usage of ammonium in red meat are recent examples. But we are helpless. We eat them knowingly that these foods are harmful. We cannot change others. But we can change ourselves.

Tons of vegetables and food products are being exported to other countries. Here all the quality standards are met strictly and assured they are safe to eat. But people live in our country are unfortunate to eat harmful foods. Because, some of us want to earn quick money by leaving public health at high risk. Rapidly increasing number of cancer and kidney patients are the evidence. There is no time to think of our children or next generation.

Farmers as life Savers of Humankind

Farming is not just for one group. Any body can do farming. Vast area of land is not required for that. Vegetables can be produced even on limited areas like terrace top. Spending few minutes extra for this every day would help to eat quality and healthy food. Because you know that you are not using any harmful pesticides or fertilizers for the plants or fruits. You know that you are using only safe organic matters on your plants. Or if you are not able to grow plants your selves, there are people who do it for you.

The Young Farmer.com is here to provide you information on vegetable, how to grow them, when to apply fertilizers etc. with the help of various agricultural universities in India. Our primary objective is to motivate young population to enter in to agriculture and related Ventures. Because, the tendency among youth is to move away from farming. Thinking as farming is a low grade or sub standard job. If this trend continues, the next generation will have serious shortage food and water. We are here to help you to start farming yourselves. The help does not stop in youngsters. We know that there are many who wish to start farming but don't know how and when to start. What are involved in farming etc. We promote Natural Farming / traditional method of natural farming. We aslo provide consultation on different types of farming including Terrace Gardening or Rooftop Farming. Apart from that we have a collection of high quality vegetable and flower seeds both country seeds and high yielding hybrid seeds for sale. You may directly purchase the seeds from this website.

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