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  • Farming for framing fairer future…

    Nature has provided everything for our living. We have to wisely exploit rather than blindly killing the nature. Our primary dependence on the nature is for food. From the very historic period nature nurtures man by all means. Mother Nature has got its own measures to keep the soil fertile and provide us all the fresh…

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  • Terrace gardening, some possible ways

    Imagine your terrace tops with full of vegetable fruits like tomato, bhindi, beans, brinjal etc. That will cool our mind isn’t it? Spending your evening in the terrace garden would not only give pleasure, it gives you handful of poison less pure and fresh vegetables. I wish every family having vegetables gardens on…

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  • Gardening

    Gardening - is a very good experience-knowing how to grow the plants by reading,contacting many people and sharing the knowledge.I started my gardening in Saudi Arabia (ofcourse I had few flowering plants like - rose marigold,balsams,chillys,papya etc in my home country)wit an indoor money plant.I was really struggling…

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  • inviting for contract farming/PPP Model farming/organic farming

    Hello sir/mam, We are group of farmers from jhansi(U.P.)India .mainly grow wheat, basmati paddy,pulses,vegetables(whole year),etc.Our climate is good for all types of crop like medicinal crop and oil crop .Our town is situated at jhansi kanpur highway near river bank, so we have lots of irrigations and transportation fascilities.We…

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  • Garden leads to farm

    It is very nice to start with vegetable garden.Gives you a good feeling, happiness, interesting informations. Contacting many people will help to exchange the new methods and experiments.

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